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MVE is a creator lead, talent first management company focused on long-term career strategy and business development for our clients and partners.

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Founded by social media entrepreneurs, Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee.

MVE provides world class management services to a global roster of creatives. Working closely with our exclusively represented talent and our partners to create new and exciting opportunities.

Our Talent

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Adam Lind
Clayton Wenner
Emily Brogan
Uche Moxam

Our Recent Work

The Useless Hotline Podcast reaches No1 in the Spotify charts

George Clarke and Max Balegde release their new podcast, The Useless Hotline! Within 6 days the boys podcast hit number 1 in the Spotify UK charts!

Maddie Grace Jepson x JD x The North Face

Maddie Grace Jepson featured in the JD x The North Face winter campaign as part of their new TikTok series on @JDOfficial. The group of TikTok's most popular faces make their way from urban cities, to the remote outdoors and getting their adventure on. The guys will have some major challenges to complete every episode, and with this squad, we know there’s gonna be plenty of laughs along the way. The first episode launches on 19th October, so don’t forget to tune in!

Myles Sexton x CAFA

In October 2022 Myles Sexton was the winner of The Canadian Arts & Fashion award for Digital Fashion Creator!

Our Services

Professional Talent Representation

Lead by a senior management team with decades of expertise in developing talent and transforming careers across entertainment, MVE has established itself as a go to for focused, experienced, personal management services. Whether an actor, broadcaster, comedian, entrepreneur, gamer, musician or sports personality, we have cultivated a nurturing and supportive team of dedicated managers.

Podcast And Creative Studios

Margravine Studios is a creative space and production home for our talent and partner brands to explore new ideas and develop new formats. The studio in West London is a multi-purpose space used every day to produce both audio and visual content.

Brand Partnerships

Through our first class brand partnerships team, we focus on finding and delivering career defining brand opportunities. Working closely with the talent that we represent, as well as our brand partners, to execute efficient and optimised campaigns. We appreciate the importance of a professional and knowledgable team. One that understands both the needs of our talent. As well as those of our many, close, and trusted partners.

Brand Development

We are passionate about providing forward-thinking creative and business strategies that keep our talent and their brands one step ahead. Developing their careers both online and offline, procuring PR and media opportunities, managing launch events, and bookings for public appearances.

Audience Development

We are always working on new ways to build more robust businesses on behalf of the talent we represent. This starts from the moment we begin working together. Helping to find, build and nurture their audience. As well as continuing to manage fan clubs and create engaging ways to communicate with, and give back to, their communities.

Commerce And Merchandise

We work closely with our talent and brand partners on developing and managing their own e-commerce and owned and operated brand opportunities. With a team that have a proven track record from chart topping book sales to launching multi-million dollar fashion brands.

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