Clayton Wenner

Instagram: clayhendrx

TikTok: claydendrx

Fashion / Lifestyle
Engineer turned photographer / Insta boyfriend, Clayton Hendrx, aka ‘The Kid’, may seem new to the scene, but is certainly leaving his mark on the digital realm.

Whether it’s providing the next menswear street style trends or revealing his photography secrets, you can count on Clayton for being your go-to guy. Originally from the Bay Area, Clayton resides in the OC with influencer girlfriend, Delaney Childs. The duo have been vlogging their life journey since 2018 and have covered everything from their relationship to their latest business venture and more.

Clayton and Delaney are a creative dream team who have put their heart and soul into their platforms, subsequently building a reputation for providing only the best content for their brand partners and audience, even if that means dressing up as doppelgängers Machine Gun Kelly and Megan Fox for Halloween.These love birds are more than just your typical “relationship goals”, they are a power couple who are ready to take on whatever life throws at them.

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