Clinton Moxam

Instagram: mr.moxam

TikTok: clintonmoxam

YouTube: UcheClinton

#Fitness #Fashion
Florida native, Clinton Moxam, currently resides in LA with his wife and two pups. Here, he juggles an array of titles ranging from fitness guru and fashion creator to podcast co-host and “apprentice” according to his wife.

Starring in season 6 of MTV’s ‘Are You The One?’; Clinton

found his true “perfect match,” Uche, despite not

matching on the show. Better known on the show as

“CLUCHE”, their shared Tik Tok, has given their audience a

closer look into their everyday life with a comedic twist.

With no shyness to the limelight, Clinton and Uche kicked

off their joint podcast, The First Married Couple on Earth

in 2022 off the back of “Are You The One?.” Within the

podcast, Clinton and Uche uncover the challenges and

experiences that come with marriage in an unfiltered

conversation with a variety of guests.

While Cluche has captured the attention of many, Clinton

utilizes his personal social platforms to share more about

his roots on the series, “Growing Up Mox.” In the digital

miniseries, Clinton reflects on previous life experiences

and challenges the concept of masculinity hoping to

inspire other men in similar situations.

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