John Gregory Smith

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John Gregory-Smith is a chef, influencer, TV presenter and best-selling author who specialises in Middle Eastern and North African cuisine. He posts regular videos onto his social channels, has written seven cookbooks, including Fast Feasts, Saffron in the Souks, Orange Blossom and Honey and Turkish Delights. John appears regularly on C4’s Sunday Brunch and ITV’s This Morning.

During the pandemic, John started posting every day easy recipes with a Middle Eastern twist onto his social channels. ‘The filming was a bit of fun really, something to do when we were all stuck at home during lockdown. I would decide what we would have for dinner and then film it with my little niece and nephew behind the camera after school.’

Today John posts regular recipe videos on his Instagram (170k) and TikTok (140k) channels. They range from every day easy dishes with a Middle Eastern twist to classic dishes that he picked up on his travels. His most successful pasta video received 30 million views across his channels and a recent Turkish recipe, creamy eggs or Çilbir, received 1 million views and 20K likes on Instagram. 

Pre-pandemic, John spent most of his time travelling around the Middle East in search of the best local recipes from sizzling street food to heavenly home cooked meals. This research forms the basis of his recipes today. 

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