Lital Julia

Instagram: @litaljulia

TikTok: @litaljulia

YouTube: @LitalJulia

Fashion / Beauty / Lifestyle
Lital is a fashion, beauty and lifestyle influencer with a special talent for sharing tips and ‘how-to’ life hacks with her millennial audience. She has developed a name for herself as someone who is pretty thrifty and loves to share little solutions to everyday problems, money saving tips, coupons and such with her followers. Lital is an LA native and true Valley Girl and she depicts this lifestyle perfectly with her beautifully curated, authentic content.

Lital fell into her role as an influencer purely because her audience kept asking for more tips and content, as the little sister to lifestyle and beauty blogger, Sivan Ayla, Lital has positively been influenced by her eldest sibling and has quickly gathered her own audience. Lital’s motto is “Ballin’ on a Budget”, highly relatable to her engaged audience. Her followers are predominantly in her peer group and either still in college or, like her, about to graduate and enter the world of ‘adulthood’. They identify with her as a millennial who is figuring out how to ‘adult’, just like them.

Lital offers her LA-based audience everything from fashion and beauty to building flatpack furniture to sipping a beer at the Dodger game and hanging with her dog Beau. Lital offers brands great ROI, creates beautiful content and shares her relatable lifestyle with all who care to follow her on her journey.

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