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Shini began her social media journey just over a year ago, wanting to be part of the ever-growing South Asian representation in the media. She had realised that she wanted to overcome her insecurities surrounding her culture as a first-generation immigrant who had tried to assimilate with Western Culture, and found a way to do so by uniting her Indian Heritage with her British Culture.

Since then, Shini has grown an incredible community across TikTok (recently reaching 400k followers) and has connected with them on the foundation of becoming comfortable with, and ultimately, celebrating her heritage and culture, whilst staying true to herself. Her content focuses on beauty, lifestyle, fashion, and food, and Shini likes to merge her Indian heritage with her British culture through the use of bindis and jhumkas in her every day outfits. Her newest TikTok series, 'Chai Chats' focuses on Shini contemplating life and growing up, whilst making an Asian drink - Chai. This has received an amazing response due to Shini’s relatability and unapologetic honesty.

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