Tamsin Wong

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#fashion #lifestyle #dogs #beauty #comedy
Tamsin started TikTok in 2020 during the lockdown as a creative outlet outside of her 9-5 job in Finance. Her original content focused on making home accessories, which eventually developed into a small business off the back of her TikTok page.

Tamsin has always loved telling stories, and sometime during 2021, her content developed from telling the story of her small business to telling the stories of various characters through skits and satire. In particular, her dog Rhubarb became a reoccurring and popular feature of her content, later inspiring Tamsin’s weekly newsletter, ‘The Rhubarb Society’.

In 2022, Tamsin decided to quit her job in finance to pursue content creation full-time, and now covers everything from lifestyle, fashion,
beauty and film on her page, all injected with a side of humour.

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