Anthony Corrado

TikTok: @toekneecorrado | Instagram: @toekneecorrado

#Comedy #Lifestyle #Skits
Based in Chicago, Illinois, Tony has always had a passion for sketch comedy and acting. With the rise of TikTok in 2020, Tony dove in to the world of social media and has been growing a dedicated following ever since.

Chicago based TikToker, Anthony Corrado (aka Toeknee Corrado) is making the world a little bit lighter with his iconic sketch comedy content across social media.

For almost a decade, Anthony has been focused on refining his acting and improvisation skills at Second City in Chicago. While being a social media sensation wasn’t the initial goal, the rise of TikTok during 2020 inspired Anthony to dive into the digital world deeper than ever. Over the past year of being a full time content creator, Anthony’s audience have come to love him just as much as his notable characters such as Maddie and “Awkward First Date Guy.” Not to mention, he has developed loyal and highly engaged US audience across both TikTok and Instagram. Whether it’s a new dance skit or branded content, Anthony will without a doubt put a smile on your face.

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