Delaney Childs

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YouTube: Delaney Childs

#Fashion #Lifestyle #Beauty
Fashion and Lifestyle blogger Delaney Childs, started her blogging career as ‘The Styled Seed’, but as she grew (excuse the pun) she decided to revert back to her roots ( ! ! ! ) , and be @DelaneyChilds. Originally from Reno, NV, Delaney moved to The OC to explore and create new memories in her new home with her photographer/ insta-boyfriend, Clayton AKA ‘The Kid.’

Delaney takes inspiration from her surroundings, current trends and is constantly looking for her new favorite wardrobe addition to share with her audience. Besides expressing herself through fashion and beauty, Delaney loves to live her life full of adventure, travel, personal growth, and exploration. Delaney’s highly engaged audience consume her edgy content, unique style and fabulous lifestyle at a rate faster than ever before!

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